We are on a mission to eliminate data breaches in the cloud-native world.

Our Mission

The modern data stack in the cloud is powering tremendous insights and agility that are becoming the foundations for business success. However, they are leading to exponential proliferation and constant change in data assets, their access patterns, and the identities accessing them. This is creating massive blind spots for security teams. Existing security approaches are largely static and don’t take into account the very dynamic nature of these risks. Nor can they operate at the PB-order scale of these systems. Security teams are left flying blind to this unpredictable increase in the attack surface of the data.

Acante is taking a completely different approach to security built around the ultimate asset you want to protect: your data. Security teams will be able to adopt these modern data stacks on their digital transformation journey with the confidence that they are simultaneously strengthening the security control and visibility of their crown jewels.

Our Values

Our principles guide how we work collaboratively every day, fostering personal growth and belonging to the team. Ultimately, our culture will inspire the innovations that will allow us to succeed.

We operate with empathy towards our fellow team-mates, our partners and key stakeholders. We seek to understand before looking to be understood.
We have an unwavering commitment to be truthful and accountable and always operate with transparency.
We challenge ourselves to think big, take risks in the face of uncertainty and continuously innovate as we look to reshape the security industry.
We follow our convictions and have a bias for action – but strive to collaborate with humility to rapidly adapt and iterate to the right outcome.
Growth Mindset
We embrace failure as an opportunity to grow and face challenges with relentless perseverance and grit to achieve our goals.
We care intensely about the success of our customers and put them at the center of everything we do.

Meet the Team

Ashwin Athalye

Murali Bashyam

Jon Brisbin

Abhishek Das

Advait Dixit

Dhruv Jain

George Karapanagos

Luis Menacho

Simon Munka

Hanh Tran Nguyen

Matej Polak

Ranga Rangachari

Terri Smith

Uday Srinivasan

Nghia Tran

Tuyen Tran

Balaji Vasu

David Vendel

Daoyi Wang


We have partnered with leading Silicon Valley investors, CISOs and advisors that can help us grow, think differently and tackle our mission with clarity and purpose.

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