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Get highly automated and synthesized visibility & evidence for all data access in your Databricks environment. 90% reduction of effort on data access governance and security compliance activities

Discovers all sensitive data such as PII, PCI, and PHI in any catalog
Maps all access privileges, from user to data at a granular table/column/row-level
Surfaces dormant access privileges making it easy to right-size privileges
Tracks sensitive data flows, risky notebook sharing and drifts indicating data leakage
Includes out-of-the-box PCI, SOC2, and HIPAA reports, providing essential insights for compliance efforts
Deployment is extremely easy, and completely secure.
Get started in 5 mins
No agents or proxies
Analysis runs within your Databricks environment
Up to 3 catalogs and 30 days of access audit
Verana Health processes petabytes of healthcare data maintained in our datalake infrastructure built around as S3 and Databricks. The depth of privilege analysis that Acante provides to highlight risky and over-provisioned privileges has empowered us to greatly reduce the attack surface of our most critical data. It has become an integral and invaluable part of our rigorous data entitlement reviews and data risk reporting program.
Kirk Fjeldheim